Why Learning Hub

When it comes to studying, shorter is better.

We break down all our curriculum into short and engaging 5-10 minute lessons. This makes additional studying at home easier to start and easier to fit within
your child’s busy schedule. Shorter lessons are also scientifically proven to:

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Learn Better

When students practice what they have learned in short, focused sessions, it’s been shown to lead to better absorption and retention.

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Increase Motivation

Shorter lessons help students stay focused and motivated to learn, and prevent them from feeling overwhelmed.

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Boost Confidence

Breaking down more challenging subjects like math into shorter segments can help reduce anxiety and build confidence.

What We Offer

Search our lesson library.

Our ever-expanding library is aligned with instructional standards, includes lessons across all major K-12 subjects, and features a variety of teaching methods — from expert guided videos to hands-on exercises. Most lessons end with an assessment, aiding parents in monitoring their child's progress.

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About Us

Backed by a leader in online learning.

Learning Hub gives parents a new way to support their child’s education, but we’re not new to extended learning. We’re part of Stride, a pioneer in online K-12 education which in the last 20 years has helped more than 2 million students catch up and get ahead.