• 1. Account Setup

    To Sign-up for Learning Hub, you’ll need to be 13 or older in the United States. If you have a account, simply sign in. If you don’t, creating one is free and easy!

  • 2. Navigations

    Once signed in, the user can access Home, Performance, History, Global Search, Notifications, and Settings, which includes Profile, Messages, and Change Password options.

  • 3. Chat and Messages

    Users have the convenience of accessing a dedicated chat message screen within their account. This feature facilitates seamless communication between student, their teachers, and parents who have been added to their account as contacts.

  • 4. How to connect

    Users have the option to add their parents and teachers by providing their details. This step typically involves filling out specific fields or forms with relevant information about the parents and teachers they wish to include in their account.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should I expect from my session?

    During this session, you can expect to receive information, guidance, and answers related to the lessons for your grade.

    We will engage in a meaningful conversation with our teachers during which they will provide you recommendation for the lessons to the subject you wish to explore.

  • Can I review my previous sessions?

    Based on the context of your question, it seems like you’re asking if you can review your previous sessions with me, which is possible application have a history page to view all the lesson viewed by the Student.

  • Where I can view my profile page?

    The profile page for the platform can be accessed through the profile menu, displayed on the right side of the page. It consists of an image and a dropdown menu. When the user clicks on the dropdown, they will be able to view and update their profile data, including Name, Email address, School name, State, Grade, Parent and teacher names and email addresses, Zip code, and Phone number.

  • How to change or reset password?

    To change or reset your password, follow these steps:

    • To access the dashboard, first, navigate to the platform’s login page. Enter your verified email address and password, and then click on the “Sign-In” button.

    • To change your password, click on the profile menu. Then, select “Change Password.” Provide your old password, followed by the new password and confirm the new password.

    • Finally, click on the “Change Password” button. Your password will be successfully updated once you complete this process.

  • How can I determine if all the lessons in my playlist align with the state standard?

    Currently, the platform does not provide an option for students to view their profile. However, teachers have the capability to access the lessons of their students, which are aligned with the teacher’s state standards. Additionally, teachers can search for lessons specifically based on their state standards.